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I don't want to admit this but . . .


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At 55 my shape has changed.  I'm still the same weight I was at 21 (well plus 2 kgs to 81) but it seems to have moved - I don't have hips anymore!


The main problem is my bloody pants are hard to keep up, and a nail bag, well that has to be cinched up tighter than a medieval corset if its not to sink in the direction of my knees!!


I often wear braces to keep the pants up, they are a bit of a pain but I can live with them.  The nail bag (staples and purlin screws mainly when fencing) is more of a problem.  I tried a suspender style nail bag but it didn't really do it for me.  I think I'm going to try a "carpenters vest" like the Occidental Leather one ( http://www.acetoolonline.com/Occidental-Leather-2535-Builders-Vest-p/occ-2535.htm ) next but seek the wisdom of the forum before I outlay the $$.




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''Tis true. When I was a young lad I was aware I had a backside. Also been 82-4 kg for as long as I can remember with the exception of a medical diet and steroids which shed 14kg for a few months. Long story.

Now backside is slimmed down gristle.

I've noticed long distance truckers lose the butt, gain the gut. It seems to transfer. I thought this was because of sitting so long. I'm a few years behind you, I'm sure kiwi land will have something in mitre10 or RD1 type stores. Someone offered my a tool vest recently. It had pouches for various lightweight electricians type tools. I imagine if you had nails hung of it the shoulders may ache.

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