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Is this an utterly ridiculous idea?

Matt on the Moors

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I just can't seem to shake this idea. I currently have a tractor and postknocker- tractors sole purpose is to run the knocker- I'm only fencing 50% of the time with half of this done with my digger and knocker anyway- which leaves the tractor and knocker sitting in the yard 75% of the time. I really could do with a wheeled digger go stone walling work I do and invisage selling the tractor to fund it- could I mount the post knocker on the wheeled digger instead? Not on the arm but by removing the 4in1 bucket and hitching it onto the loader instead- knocker only weighs 900kg or so so probably not much more than a 4 in 1 bucket. Thoughts please! The only real downside I can think of is poor in soft ground- but I have a tracked mini digger for that any way. Could be handy having the digging arm for pulling out old fences/grading lines and with the knocker mounted on the loader I can lift it onto bankings etc??

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