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Augers in tree roots


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Gidday Guys


I've been working (trying to place posts) in an area with a lot of heavy tree roots.  My Augertorque x2000 is just refusing to cut through them, it either "bounces" off and diverts, or stalls out.


Any ideas on how to solve this - am I using the wrong type of flight?  Not enough power? Is there a  specific tool??




PS - for the job I'm on I've solved the problem ,just smashed them through with the Kinghitter's 340 kg hammer, but its messy and still tough going.

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I generally find that out Digga PDD will work its way through roots gradually as long as they're not on the centre of the flight, just have to take it out of the hole fairly regularly to take the shavings off. its slow going but still better than busting through with a bar!


Other than tungsten tips i don't think my flights are anything out of the ordinary.

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