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Sheep Netting and Natural England


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One specification required by Natural England for erection of sheep netting.


Quote "Erect a steel wire mesh fence at least 1.05 metres high. Use additional strands of plain or barbed wire where extra height is needed"


I thought this 1.05 metres referred to the fence height not the mesh section.


Foolishly I wrote to Natural England to clarify the use of standard 8/80/15 mesh plus extra line wires.


Their reply was that a mesh wire of at least 1.05 metres is required.


This is impossible to obtain and anything exceeding this size is double the price.

Anyone else working to their specifications?

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I think you have got a duffer in the office. Depending on where the work is etc, the best bet is to try and find out who the project officer is. This will be someone from N.E. THEY MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE A CLUE, BUT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TALK TO THEM, DISUCSS options and try and get them to waiver on the spec. The posts they say must be used are ridiculous round here and not upto doing the job in most cases, yet when they spec it, people go out to tender on the spec and it comes back as a **** job. But explained properly some of them can be changed and made to realise cheapest isn't always best. I find their specs are stupid on the whole and things have moved on since they were written.

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1.05 Meters = 41.3385 inches.  This would have you covered, should you need taller net.  Tornado makes plenty of net in fixed knot, S knot, or hinged joint  that is tall enough to meet those specifications.  Good luck with the government.

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Last updated:
Grant type:
Land use:
Tiers or standalone items:
Funding (per unit per year):
2. Countryside Stewardship grants (https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants)
FG2: Sheep netting
2 April 2015
10 March 2017, see all updates 
5D=grassland), Livestock management (https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship
grants?land_use%5B%5D=livestock-management), Priority habitats
tiers_or_standalone_items%5B%5D=higher-tier), Mid Tier
5D=mid-tier), and Standalone capital items (https://www.gov.uk/countryside
Find out about eligibility and requirements for the sheep netting item. 
1. How much will be paid 
2. Where to use this item 
3. Where this item cannot be used 
4. How this item will benefit the environment 
5. Requirements 
1. Keeping records 
6. Related Mid Tier items 
7. Further information 
How much will be paid
£4.90 per metre (m).
Where to use this item
Available for Mid Tier, Higher Tier and woodland creation grant.
• in conjunction with a habitat management or creationoption
• in areas targeted for the reduction of water pollution caused by farming
• to protect environmental features
Where this item cannot be used
• on historic or archaeological features as identified in the HEFER
• on a site where a fence has previously received a grant
How this item will benefit the environment
If successful there this item will protect environmental features from livestock. It will also help 
manage habitats.
• remove all old fencing material before putting up the new fencing
• use softwood timber that is fully peeled, coated with wood preservative and pressure treated, or 
treated with an approved preservative - untreated durable timber can be used as set out in the 
Forestry Commission guide to forest fencing
• put up a steel wire mesh fence at least 1.05m high
• use additional strands of galvanised steel wire (plain or barbed) if you need extra height
• use straining posts that have a top diameter of at least 125mm, or are 100 by 100mm in crosssection when sawn
• make sure the straining posts are 1.85m long if set in concrete and 2.15m long otherwise
• place the straining posts no more than 150m apart if using mild steel line wire, or 300m apart for 
high tensile wire
• use a straining post at every change of direction (horizontal or vertical) and at each end of the 
• use struts that have a top diameter of at least 80mm, or are 75mm by 75mm when sawn
• make sure the struts are 1.6m if set in concrete and 1.9m long otherwise
• notch struts into the straining post at an angle of nomore than 45 degrees
• use intermediate posts that have a top diameter of at least 65mm, or are 75mm by 75mm when 
• make sure the intermediate posts are 1.7m long and space them no further than 3.5m apart
Page 2of 4 FG2: Sheep netting - GOV.UK
• make sure that all the materials you use meet the relevant British Standards
most up-to-date standards for guidance
Do not:
• attach the fence to trees or hedgerows
• block or restrict access to open access land (https://www.gov.uk/right-of-way-open-access-land/useyour-right-to-roam)
Keeping records
Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them on request:
• any consents or permissions connected with the work
• receipted invoices, or bank statements where a receipted invoice is unavailable
• please see the record keeping and inspection requirements as set out in the Mid Tier manual
Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them with the claim:
• photographs of the completed work
Applicants will have to send the following with theirapplication:
• photographs of the existing site
Related Mid Tier items
This item can be used on the same feature as the following supplement:
Further information
creation grant manual (https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/countryside-stewardship-woodlandsupport#funding-for-woodland-creation-) to find out more about the scheme and how to apply.
Published: 2 April 2015
Updated: 10 March 2017
+ full page history 
Page 3of 4 FG2: Sheep netting - GOV.UK
1. 7 March 2017 Updated for 2017 applications. 
2. 29 March 2016 Information updated for applications in 2016. 
3. 14 October 2015 Update to 'keeping records' section. 
4. 2 April 2015 First published. 
Tiers or standalone items: Higher Tier (https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants?
tiers_or_standalone_items%5B%5D=higher-tier) Mid Tier (https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardshipgrants?tiers_or_standalone_items%5B%5D=mid-tier) Standalone capital items
Funding (per unit per year): Up to £100 (https://www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants?
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