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Roll Lengths


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Bit of a moan to Tornado this one but I'm getting a bit fed up of  joining 50m rolls of badger netting, 19 lines wires to join every 50m on a 1km perimeter vineyard fence wears thin and we have booked our 4th in for later this year.  It seems frustratingly short compared to most other nett lengths, are you not able to make them longer due to the machine capacity? I notice most other deer netts are 100m with similar height and spacings.


Also would be nice to see 150 or 200m rolls of equi-nett available, again on longer jobs a lot of time seems to be lost joining wires. Love using the 250m rolls of stock netting when we do but mostly equine fencing & rail spec netting for us so longer rolls would really help us increase efficiency and get us through more work especially as the equi-nett and rail spec nett have 4 more line wires to join. This would help us get through more tornado wire per day... win/win. Or is it a case that not enough people use the longer rolls and you need to keep in stock what most people can physically handle, as I'm sure you used to do a 150m roll of HT horse nett?


Or am I just a moaning old git and just get on with it?

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Contractors here in the States seem to all want longer and longer rolls.....Me included.  What we call "no climb" horse net has only ever been available in 100' or 200' rolls, so I was quite happy to know that Tornado can make them in 330'.   You may be moaning, but joining wire that often is something to moan about. 

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