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Deer fence installation near electricity


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Hi. I have about 600m of field boundary (mainly hedge with stock fence) that runs under overhead electricity cables (utility pole, not the big metal pylons). I’m guessing it’s too dangerous to use a post driver anywhere near the electricity to get my deer fencing in? We’ve all but binnned the idea. Any comments? Thanks, Rob

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If the wires are vertical - low voltage, you need to be a minimum of 1m away

If they are horizontal - 11kva or 33 kva you need to be a minimum of  3m away

If working under the wires the machinery needs to be restricted to stop before reaching the limits

we managed to shorten the rope on the vector knocker to stop it reaching the 3m limit, dont think it would reach the top of a deer stake

we wern't allowed to work under the wires in rain ,fog,or mist

Hope this is usefull


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