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Wire clamp/stretcher


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I am thinking it's time to upgrade my fence stretcher, the one I have is home made and has worked awesome but doesn't climb the top and bottom wire well any more, and is getting bent out of shape. I like the idea of the wedge ones but wondering what brand and if they work well. I hate messing with nuts and such. Especially in the rain.

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1 hour ago, Thegoatman22 said:

I looked at your site and didn't see them on it, how much is a set, and they do nonclimb and field and all that right?

4' are around a hundred bucks.  5' are about $25 more.....if memory serves.  I'll double check for you when I get home tonight.  Yes, they work fine in all net.  If I could only pick one size, it'd be the 5'. 

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