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Battery powered circular saw?


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Hi all, been a member since the start but first time posting. 

Am not a full time fencing contractor but it is a fairly large part of our business. Got a lot of post and rail coming up, square and half round and looking at ways to speed it up. First is to buy a square post adapter plate for our knocker. Second might be a nail gun I can plug into the tractors air. Any recommendations for a good nail gun? Does a 4 inch one exist? Doesn't necessarily have to be air, was just a thought to utilise what I've got available. 

Third I'm thinking about using a battery powered circular saw for the rails, always a pain starting the saw, shutting it off, having to nibble a bit more off, then you gotta tidy the end/sides up. Whereas a battery circular saw I thought would be just clean cut, no messing, less noise, no fuel, can use with one hand....


Any thoughts/ideas welcome. 


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In a earlier life I built lots of cedar privacy fence. The cordless saws where handy as a pocket on a shirt for framing out a gate. Or doing a little trim work. But if you try to work it all day you always ended up waiting on battery s to charge. 

It's been 15 year's I'm sure battery's might be improved.

Edit to add..once you pick a brand  of cordless tools you're married to it due to the cost of batteries. 



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