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Post pounder


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I am thinking about upgrading to a tractor with a post pounder this summer sometime. Maybe a shaver, but I really don't know yet. 

I have some questions about post pounders themselves. How hard is it to keep the post where you want it? What if you hit a root or rock? Do you have to sharpen the posts? How does the rock pick actually work?

Basically I need a 101 course on post pounders. All I really know for sure is that my elbows are quite sick of the one man gas auger.

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I've used just about every method there is for setting post. Except for the European style drivers. I'm in predominantly rocky ground and sometimes a pneumatic drill is required. I still have my air driver but I recently switched back to the I-beam driver's. I have a shaver 8 on a old 70 horse and a new shaver 12 spring less. Im liking it pretty good. I only use pipe so I can't help you much with the wood post. I'm planning to add a hydraulic rock drill and getting away from the pneumatic tools as much as possible. Definitely without a doubt get hydraulic tilt.

I've found with any new equipment to take it out by myself for a couple of days and take my time learning it. 

Here's my first day with the new rig.

I don't know how the tom t hall got in there? ....luck I reckon

Edit to add....bear with me there about midway when I have to move the tractor. With a little practice I can set up on my dead man post where I don't have to move.


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