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One man augers


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9 hours ago, West Fork Fence said:

One man?  Check.

Hydraulic?  Check.

Towable?  Check.

Goes places a tractor can't?  Check.  

Digs through hard clay?  Check. 





Funny funny, I know, but that wont fo some of the places I go either. We are very forested here and people like their trees.

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my vote is for the little beaver mechanical. 5 horse.  ive owned them all. the hydraulic is slow. the mechanical will dig circles around the hydraulic. ive had a couple with the bigger engine it digs great but has enough power that breaking the pto cable was a problem...even with the slip clutch. plus it will kidney punch the hell outa you. I had a towbehind I dot rember the brand.  it was yellow. it was a useless pos.

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