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Installing Torus fencing


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Hello everyone. I hope you can help me understand the requirements for installing Torus fencing. I've not installed high tensile wire before, and am not sure about post spacings and strainer requirements, especially considering the extra tension compared to mild steel (assume a straight run over flat ground - I'll make the necessary adjustments at curves and undulations).

  • I know fewer posts are required, but what would be the recommended maximum distance between intermediate posts? And between strainers on straight runs? I'm fencing for sheep.
  • What about strainer construction? Are diagonal struts strong enough for the extra tension of the HT wire, or should I go for box strainers? What size of strainer posts is recommended? 
  • How about curves? What is the largest angle around a strainer before a strut assembly (as above) is required? (I'm guessing the greater tension is more likely to pull unsupported strainers sideways?)
  • Any other tips on installing HT compared to MS?

Thanks very much for any advice or information you can give. 

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Bit late but here's a few pointers.

Post spacing at around 4m is usually plenty for most fencing. Sometimes it's still better to go back to 3-3.5m. If you go to greater distances you need to increase the size of the post to at least 4" if your usually using 3-4" posts.

You don't need strainers in the middle of a straight run, only at ends and turns.

You do need thick strainers' though 7-8"+ and deep in the ground 1.2m +/or footed. Angle struts are fine but you want long struts and big strut  blocks as fence posts won't hold.

You don't want to go round much of a turn, 10° ish without using a breast block and over 20-30° you need to start strutting

You really need to tie termination knots and not hard staple to attach your netting and wire or your putting too much force on the edge of the strainer if hard stapled.

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Post spacing should not exceed 16 feet. It does not matter the type of wire are the post type. Post spacing should not exceed 16 feet.  And 12' is better. 

A welded pipe H with a diagonal is far superior to any wooden brace.

A diagonal kicker should be installed on any turn greater than 15 degrees.

Spacing on braces is only limited by how well you build them and how far you can stretch the wire. Up to about half a mile. 

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