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    • cant add much to what west fork said.  if the dog walks through the fence you have. that's no good. theres some bandaid type fixes you could do. but it will always be a rig and look like a after thought. the way I see it theres two acceptable options. install the proper net wire or get different dogs.........
    • http://www.tornadowire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/HT8-80-30-web.pdf Sorry, I posted the wrong link.  Is this what you have?  The wire will measure what the data sheet says, as Tornado takes great care to meet the standards set.  I'm sure a bit of local knowledge will be along soon to answer your specific questions.  I'm just killing time while waiting out a thunderstorm about 4,000 miles west of you.  
    • Thanks for replying, I think you are correct with the what I have bought, as I think it was ??/80/15 but what the initial letters were I’m unsure. However what I find puzzling is the specification sheet details the spacing to be 150mm between the upright wires but when I measure it’s 32cm??? Which would be 320mm I can’t find any of the rolls of tornado high tensile wire with such big holes so I’m guessing I’m misunderstanding what the line wire detail picture is telling me?  The wire you have suggested seems to say the holes are 50mm wide, but how do I know when the other size is double?
    • http://www.tornadowire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/MHT8-80-15-web.pdf What you have? http://www.tornadowire.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/R13-120-5-web.pdf What you need?
    • Hi,    I have a Croft which borders our house and have made a pen using 50m of tornado high tensile wire.  It’s standard 80cm high and the top two rows of ‘holes’ are 32cm long by 15cm high. Unfortunately one dog can step through and the other can jump over the top despite 3 top lines taking the fence height to 110cm!  When we purchased the wire we asked for small sizes holes as we knew the dogs have in the past gone through.  Unfortunately we had folk helping put up the fence so it was up and cut before we realised.  I am struggling to work out what we bought as I can’t find the hole sizes. I am also struggling to work out what we should replace it with especially as we would want to eventually do the whole garden approx 200m of fencing. Any ideas would be useful our current 6ft posts stand 140cm above ground.