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    • I’ve been toying with the idea of these types of machines for a while. Any suggestions as to which is better? I’ve always tied off at each end, with box strainers. The Quickfencer looks more versatile with different attachments etc, but the solo net clamp system may be better?? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
    • Hello everyone. Just introducing myself. I’m a farmer who’s done his own fencing for years, occasional contacting work and for other contractors. Have been to New Zealand in the past where I got the interest for fencing and their systems. I run a fence pro post driver imported from there. Thanks for having me🙂.
    • 12.5 gauge HT for your brace wire.  2 or 3 complete wraps in a figure 8 pattern.  Tension and join with a crimp sleeve, a tex brown knot, a gripple, or a ratchet strainer.  Gripple also makes a quick brace kit, and my wife will be glad to sell them to you.  They are the handiest if you are only building a few braces.     844-48-FENCE  
    • Ok. That makes sense.  The cross brace will still provide the same strength?  Also. What size brace wire do yall use?  Ive found 9g. 12g and 12.5 double strand
    • Without knowing more it sounds like put your brace post to the same grade above ground as your gate post. In other words your horizontal brace will be parallel to the ground, not level. If you're dealing with the crown of a road and you can make both sides slope the same it will look better to the eye.  There is a fair amount of "artistic license" to be used in these kinda deals. If you lack experience by all means mock it up to make sure you get a eye pleasing look. And pull that gate post up and dig it a foot deeper.