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Hello there everyone I was just wondering what others use in the way of footing straining posts? My uncle is kiwi so he taught me to use a swinging foot. But a lot of other fencers i know use the foot and breast plate method. Just thought id see what you guy use. I know not many people are digging strainers in anymore now everyone has the tracked machines. But alot of the work i do is down brooks and ditches so unfortunately I'm still digging.

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Yeh no worries I'll up load some . I've just finished a job where every strainer was dug in so i have plenty of pics. Its basically an off cut of wood just like a normal foot but instead of notching out and fixing it to the strainer. You staple a piece of plain wire to the foot (about 1.5 meters long)and just chuck it into the hole with the strainer making sure its flat across the bottom of the hole. Tamp up as normal but make sure the wire is sticking out the ground. I usually wrap it a half twist the direction your pulling your netting then give it a little tension with my plain wire puller(chain around the top of the post) then staple of just above ground level. Its much quicker than a conventional foot and if your ever on really shite ground you can knock one in down the side of your strainer using a rock spike if your worried about it lifting.

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Sorry it took so long Robbell but its taken me a while to figure out how to get photos on here.

Dig the hole as normal then instead of notching out for a foot just chuck the strainer into the hole the wrap some wire around a foot a throw that into the hole at the back of the post.







Then leave the length of the wire sticking out of the ground with a half twist the same direction your pulling the netting off. Tamp up as usual







I usually give it a slight bit on tension with my wire strainer.

Then staple off.







I think this method is alot quicker and it stops lift and creates a opposite twist to wire or barb.

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when installing a swinging  foot  on a driven post in a wet  spot  to stop it lifting  do  you  drive it  straight down the side of the post or at a angle  ? and do  you also  have to  wrap the wire around  the post  before stapling . like you do when putting them in the bottom of a straining post  hole you  have dug and back filling and tamping ?

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digga, yes to driving a foot at and angle if you can, but depends how you make a hole or what type of foot your using. If your putting down boat floats put some big stones down the whole after it to help anchor the foot.


And yes to wrapping the wire around the post. If it is on a termination post (an end strainer) It wants to be wrapped so it stops the post turning when the netting is tightened. So the wire coming out of the ground wants to come around the netting side first so it will tighten the footing wire not slacken if the post turns.


4mm plain mild steel wire is good for footing wire as we cant get stainless steel over here.

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