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what a pleasure


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Had the Pleasure to be in the company of 9 very decent fencing guys over the last 24 hrs


Damien, Tepapa, Post driver, Hamps Valley, Charliehub, James, Premlaloon, Red Stag & Sawyer fencing.

Safe journey home and hope to catch up with most of you at Driffield


Thoroughly enjoyed my day guys and a big thank you to Tornado for your hospitality

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Great to meet you all, and knock some ideas about. Look forward to doing it again, be it in an office or beer tent at a show....


Massive round of applause and thanks to Tornado. You really looked after us and I hope it was a fruitful exercise for you.


No peace for the wicked Charlie ????

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Guest Nick

Well it looks like you've all beaten me to it!


I just wanted to say again what a pleasure it was for us having you up to Tornado for the day / evening.


Speaking for Paul, Chris, Malcolm, Wayne and myself, we all really appreciate you taking the time and effort to come and share your insights with us. It really was thoroughly worthwhile - we got more out of it than I think we could have hoped for - and of course it was fantastic to put some faces to names and get to chat with you all in person.


Fingers crossed you all had a good time too (if nothing else, the look on Brent's face when he was presented with his starter made it worth the trip :lol: )


Thanks again everyone - looking forward to seeing you again soon.





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Hi folks just thought I'd use this time on the train. When not looking at various specimens of fencing to thank Tornado for their generosity . their time and effort for Monday and Tuesday. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated. It was also a delight to meet the other forum members all of whom showed great passion and expertise for their profession.

To converse and share experiences and techniques with you all was a pleasure . I wish you all every continued success safe in the knowledge you will join me in trying to do the job right.

One final thank you to Damien. Your kind lift down was great and hope I do didnt bore you too much on the trip.

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Really appreciate being picked found it really useful and interesting just hope that I help in a small way. Was a pleasure to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Really looking forward to the future and hopefully we can all work together to help the industry and ourselves

Tornados hospitality was brilliant and I cannot thank you enough.

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