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Europe in or Out  

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  1. 1. Should the UK remain in the European Union

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Well I am going to vote in I don’t really won’t to but I think we are in more of a fragile situation economically than we all really know.

I think a split could really upset the apple cart the French farmers will spit there dummy out if we vote out and make life for our farmers  more difficult live exports our lamb etc.

The money we will save    by not giving it to the EU   could definably help our hospitals, schools. Armed forces, and police.

But if I am totally honest it wouldn’t surprise me if any excess money   wasn’t spent on duck sheds wild parties and plastic bags and crates of oranges.

Basically the government would waste it find jobs for non-producing pen pushing good for nothings

Public sector workers.

My two pennorth for what its worth
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Politics isn't going to produce a good solution for everyone, whatever happens. Big talk, little action. Things overlooked. Somebody gains, somebody looses.

People including politicians only out for they own.


On a local level when a primary school is threatened with closure or a local speed limit is wanted. Folk are passionately out in force. Couldn't give two hoots about the next village wanting a speed limit or a school were their kids don't go to .


Europe in or out. Will be a political tangle and expense either way.

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Not being a particularly clever person, the way I see it is neither side can truthfully say what will happen in the the future. It's pretty obvious the government want us to stay. We had a visit to Cornwall yesterday by Boris. He was saying they would look after the farmers and fishermen on leaving . Ideal ..........but will they ? As I said not being clever I could never work out how a single currency could ever work with countries ranging from Greece to Germany. As for trade if someone wants to buy a product they will whether we are a member or not. I personally think there will be a lot of turmoil in Europe over the next 10 years whether we are in or out. I say out. Take control of our own country. Man up and get out !!!

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This weeks issue of Farmers Weekly 13 May 2016 page 14 states that in 2018 the European Union will start to reform the CAP common agricultural policy ( where the UK farmers get funding and subsidies from ) and that funding will come DOWN !!! Due to budget constraints and the enlargement of the Union at present we pay in £12.9bn in and receive a rebate of £4.4bn a net contribution of £8.5bn It also states that if we come out of Europe the UK government is likely to continue to provide funding to farmers.

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I think out, why tie ourselves to a sinking ship. We won't be popular with the major powers (France Germany etc) but we are a major enough economy that the suggestions people won't trade with us are scaremongering.

As to CAP, there is no guarantee they will maintain funding if we stay in anyway. I'm definitely a 'why not' voter

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I'm voting out, as I said the campaign fear, is a disgrace, the absolute drivel being spouted regarding the threat of war, is the kind of stuff I'd expect from a middle eastern despot.


For me it's strange that supposed neutral organisation and business people are given publicity if the want to remain, those who don't , are ignored.

The BBC are biased for in they showed by their disgraceful behaviour in the independence referendum how their impartiality can be quickly forgotten.


And also the eu total shafting of us in cap, fishing, and the way they coluded to ban our meat exports in the bse scare.

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